WEN 61720 Brad Nailer Review

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The WEN 61720 brad nailer is interesting for a few reasons. First of all it is one of the cheapest brad nailers out on the market and secondly, it has by far the highest rating of any brad nails we’ve reviewed so far and are likely to consider in a long time. Certainly the two together in a winning combination that can not be beat? Well, let’s see why this budget nail gun point very well from actual customer reviews below.

Ignore the review and check out the full specs on brad nails WEN 61720 …

WEN 61720 Brad Nailer Review

WEN 61720 Brad Nailer

The WEN 61720 nail gun is relatively new to market. Price and really could not be much better. This nail operates at 60-100 psi, 3/4 to 2 inch brads shot with rubber handle and quick release for jams, cast aluminum body, magazine capacity 100 Brad and includes oil, wrenches and a custom case.

At the time of this writing WEN 61720 nail gun average scored 4.8 out of a maximum 5 stars out of 23 reviewers.

The score was made even more impressive when you consider that the comments from the 23, 19 [83%] of them scored the maximum 5 stars and 4 [17%] The rest rated 4 stars. Not a single 3, 2 or 1 star rating was given. High praise indeed, so let us see how customers summarized their overall experince with WEN 61720 …

“Surprisingly good – It’s even starting to look better DeWalt …”

“Inexpensive Price Tag For a quality tool …”

“Awesome for the project at the weekend!”

“I was delighted with it …”

Surprisingly, price is one of the main attraction of this nail …

“Works great and the price can not be beat …”

“I paid about $ 35 shipping and 18 measurements comparing 2″ brad nails at big box warehouse sells for $ 70 and up! ”

“Great prices and great works …”

While the price is good, WEN 61720 apparently does not compromise on quality either …

“There is no problem with noise. Feel and implemented as a Nailer expensive …”

“Easy to use, very reliable, and I do not know how I did things before this gun …”

While we try to look at both the pros and cons of all the brad nailers, trying to figure out the negative points have been virtually impossible to review roundup WEN 61720 as you can see for yourself here. This is the best we can come up with:

“This case seems very cheap. Now I pulled out the nail, it seems like WEN did not pay much attention to the details …”

According to customer reviews on the overall and 4.8 specifications, it seems that if you are looking for a budget nailer (or even a higher one) that works perfectly, the WEN 61720 is a wise choice due to low prices and 100% (so far) the satisfaction of users.

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