FREEMAN PFR2190 Framing Nailer Reviews

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Now your framing job become easier with FREEMAN PFR2190 full head 21 degree pneumatic framing nailer reviews. Now you can fulfill your various jobs, like roofing, siding, fencing, flooring and casing easily and securely with nails this mobile frame. With this nail, you can drive the nail 2 to 3-1 / 2 inches. It -cast magnesium die is solid and durable to make it permanent. this is the lighter version of the nails in grade pneumatic frame. So it’s easy to move.

It has anodized aluminium cylinder and magazine along with lightweight magnesium body, Which one gives it a beautiful look and sturdy design. A plastic case is provided along with it for the easy and safe storehouse of the nail gun. And seven years limited warranty by FREEMAN.

Dimension and weight:

Its size might seem a bit small, the dimension of Freeman PFR2190 is 20×6.5×14.2 inches its an ace in case of framing work. And its weight around 14.5 pounds which is not so much heavy for your framing job.

Depth of drive:

This framing nailer can drive a comfortable nail into the frame about 31/2 inches deep inside. This nail has quite effective range and good for framing job with most compatible materials.

Depth adjustment:

You can easily adjust depth of nails by it’s 360 degree compatible exhaust port. That will help you to throw the year at you desired guidance.

Power and precision:

Complete 21 levels and no-mar head cushion allows you nailed correctly while also protecting the work surface from damage in the process.

Its very reliable, you feel relaxed when this stud frame work for any frame. you do not need to worry about interference because never jam and always nails are pushed flush to the surface.


To finishing your project quickly it has double trigger option, So you can easily convert from single shots to continuous firing nails.

Single firing
Contact firing


affordable and look beautiful.

Different kinds of choices that will save your time shot.

Durable, its magnesium body, anodized aluminum and the cylinder journal is likely to come into this year without any tears.

The 360-degree exhaust will confirm you that the point of moisture in the wood.

Accuracy and accurency, you do not have to stress about the gun jams or misfires.


⚠ It does not fire the last three four nails, the firing will start again when you reload the magazine.

⚠ In changeability switch.

⚠ Heavy weight , its heavier for long use.

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