Bostitch Smart Point Brad and Finish Nailers Review

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Bostitch Smart Point nailers finally become available in this year, after being announced a few years ago. Stuart has covered them several times here on ToolGuyd and we had the opportunity to check them out a few months ago. I received Bostich’s Smart Point 18 gauge brad nailer and 15 gauge angled finish nailer to check for consideration.

Bostitch nailers Point basic intelligent air nailers senior with a precision tip. This “Smart Point” tip has two main benefits: it significantly increases the location accuracy of nails, and it reduces or avoids blemishes on your work surface contact as required very light.

Bostitch Smart Point Brad and Finish Nailers Review


  • These nailers also provide other features that should appeal to professionals and advanced hobbyists alike.
  • The common feature for all current smart Point nailers include:
  • Oil-free operation
  • Sequential selection or contact (Ice Fire) operation
  • Release mechanism, congestion free stuff
  • Dial-A-Depth control for countersinking nail
  • Adjust the belt hooks & integrated pencil sharpener
  • Rear exhaust

In addition to these features, the DA and FN 15 gauge angled finish nailers also includes an integrated air blower, to help keep the area clear act of chips and dust, as well as a flip-out 16 “on center stud assessment -to-stud for easy measurement and layout while installing trim.


My first impression when handling both nailers are quite positive. They have very comfortable grips and relatively lightweight while still feels sturdy.

Mechanism jam clearing free tools are easy to manipulate, and dial depth on each nail is easy to adjust. These features are often non-existent (tool-free jam clearing) or coarse (adjustable depth) on the lower level nailers, but pretty standard on high-end dedicated tools.

The nailers come with hard plastic case that had integrated storage foundation casting.

I see both nailers is very easy to use, and appreciation for the accuracy can predict that provide intelligent points.


While it can be argued that the traditional style nail tips can be very accurate with reality, I think that the smart point to be much faster to use with high accuracy immediately.

It may be a smaller benefit for experienced professionals, but I’ve found this to be appreciated for DIY applications, where the time between the use may vary. My nailers will sometimes sit unused on the shelf every week, and so it is nice to be able to pick out an extraordinary person and achieve high accuracy and precision without the need to “relearn ” tool.

Professional users and DIYer both will enjoy the ability to correct tip to reach narrow places, such as in the record cut or inside of the corner, and how it can effectively put nails angle increases. Reducing the work surface blemishes were icing on the cake, although both nailers obviously still leave holes brad / nail should be filled later for good results.


I’ve used both on a few projects nailers shelves and some smaller tasks, and not encounter any traffic jams after a few hundred nails. I tested the free tools jam release to see how it works, but so far I have not really used it. There was not any air leaks with the nailers, and oil-free design of them give me peace of mind from the perspective of maintenance.

Both had plenty of power nailers and I was able to use the lower end of their recommended PSI fluctuated drive nails without problems. They drove to a consistent depth from nail to nail.

Smart Point Activation Details

The sequential and communications (fire tape) set actuator is easy to switch between, and there is also a locking mechanism to prevent accidental changes. I appreciate this safety feature, especially when sharing stuff with friends with experience who might not be aware of the safety concerns and best practices need to be minded if or when processing bump the fire is selected.

Smart Point Pencil Sharpener Details

The belt hook on both engines adjust quickly, and built-in pencil sharpener means I do not need to search for a grinding or hack into pencil tips with a utility or knife pocket for grinding.

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